Complicated Messenger Library

I am really disappointed.  I spent the past 3 hours on figuring out how to get the display picture from a user that is signed in with Windows Live Delegated Authentication.  Would you have thought that you need more than 15 lines of client-side Javascript code, plus loading a library of several KB, for getting the display picture URL on the server?

Messenger Library code excerpt

I asked a Lead Software Design Engineer at Microsoft, responsible for the Messenger Library, about this, and after more than one hour of discussion, he told me: “Thanks for clarifying.  This currently isn’t possible.”  He couldn’t do anything but noting my feedback wish to have this added.

He explained that they have “optimized for a set of scenarios and for those no code is required.  It’s arguable whether we’ve missed certain scenarios.”  In the meantime—if somebody wants to help me with solving this, please talk to me, as I still could not get the display picture URL on the server.

What are your experiences with the Windows Live Messenger Library and the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit?