Windows Live adds 19 Web Activities, including YouTube

Do you love creating videos and sharing them with your friends?  This has just got easier.  Starting from today, you can add YouTube to your Windows Live Profile as Web Activity.  The Windows Live team announced:

Windows Live is rolling out 19 new web activity partnerships with leading global and regional web companies – including YouTube and  […]  With today’s update, we now have partnerships with 74 sites from around the world – localized into 35 languages, with broad coverage of leading sites worldwide in social networking, video sharing, photo sharing, blogging, reviews and ratings, and more.

How-to: Add YouTube to your Windows Live Profile

Here are the single steps that you should do to have your YouTube activities, such as posting a video or marking your video favorites, appear in your What’s new feed in Messenger, Hotmail, Windows Live Home, etc:

1. Open your Windows Live Profile.

Open your Windows Live Profile

2. At Web Activities, click the Add link.

Open the Web Activities overview

3. Scroll way down (the list is alphabetically sorted), and find YouTube.  Then click it.

Find YouTube in the list

4. Enter your YouTube screen name.

Enter your YouTube screen name

5. Click the Add button.

Add YouTube

6. Click the Go to your profile link.

Go to your profile

Done!  Your activities on YouTube will now appear in your What’s new feed.