The revamped Youtube homepage

Google has published a public beta of the new homepage for its video platform Youtube. Being worked on for some time already, this beta is now available for anybody to try out. There are some new features to discover.

Gmail with new features, taken from Labs

Google’s e-mail service has received some new features. However, they are not completely new, you could already use all of them via Labs. Now they are integrated into regular Gmail, while some features have been removed from Labs.

ICQ 7 Integrates Social Networks

ICQ has released version 7 of its messenger client for Windows. The combination of Instant Messaging and Social Networking results in “Social Messaging,” ICQ stated.

This Week’s Thoughts: Computers In the Cloud

Cloud Computing is everywhere these days. Microsoft has launched Windows Azure, Chrome OS also focuses on your data in the web. But what is it all about? What possibilities and disadvantages does cloud computing have? Finally: Who can or should use it?

MS Talk: Audio Interview With Marcus Schmidt

Over the past one and a half years, Microsoft has engaged in social media. This has helped to get in touch with us as customers and created a positive buzz around Windows and Windows Live. Social communities like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube play an important role in this.