Gmail with new features, taken from Labs

Gmail LabsGoogle’s e-mail service has received some new features.  However, they are not completely new, you could already use all of them via Labs.  Now they are integrated into regular Gmail, while some features have been removed from Labs.

Gmail now recognizes YouTube links in received messages and converts them, so thumbnails are displayed in addition to the video links.  You can play such videos directly below their link right inside the message opened in Gmail.  That also counts for YouTube links received in chat messages.  Thus, you don’t have to open a new browser window nor close Gmail first.

Gmail now notifies you when you want to send a message with attachment but you forgot to attach a file to the e-mail.  In the message body, Google looks for keywords like “attachment” or “attached.”  If you want to send a message containing such keywords, a confirmation is displayed whether you have possibly forgotten to attach a file to the e-mail.

The features Muzzle, Fixed Font Width, Email Addict, Location in Signature and Random Signature have therewhile been removed from Gmail Labs.