Set default font for adding text to PDFs

With Acrobat, I can add text to existing PDFs with ease. But it’s annoying that the default font never seems to match what I want it to look like. Fortunately, I recently found out how to manually define my desired default font for adding text to PDF documents.

Support for Office XP ends

After more than ten years, Microsoft is ending the Office XP support in July 2011. From this time on, no new patches—including security patches—for the software will be provided. This is part of the normal software life cycle, offering five years of Mainstream Support followed by five more years of Extended Support. Microsoft helps you to switch to the current program version, Office 2010, with several measures.

Office on the Web: Using Office Web Apps

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook — nearly every computer user knows these applications. Every few years, Microsoft releases a new, revamped version of its office suite. This week, Office 2010 has been published. The special thing: You can use the software for free — on the Web, as so-called Web App.