How-to: View blocked YouTube videos

Youtube: Video blockedDepending on your country and region, Youtube is blocking specific videos. Don’t care! With the following small trick you can bypass the block and view the video anyways—regardless of your current location.

This even works without the usual way through a proxy server that injects all requests on servers abroad. This makes the thing  just slower. Instead, the trick works by editing the video URL in your browser’s address bar. And this is how it works:

  1. Just click on the YouTube video link like you always do.
  2. In the address line you will now see, for instance, the ID “oG56mAYUiaw” for the video address:

  3. Now click the address bar and edit the URL like this:

  4. Confirm the new address by pressing [Return] and enjoy the (just unblocked) video in full screen.

As you can see: it works!

Youtube: Video unblocked

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