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Tag: Wave 3

Update to Windows Live Wave 3 soon forced

18 January 2011
Back in May 2010, the Windows Live team published an update for Windows Live Essentials 2009 (Wave 3). It introduced stability fixes as well as a simplification of the webcam feature. Until now, this Wave 3 update (build number 14.0.8117) was optional. This is going to change soon.

Send messages without Hotmail advertisements

11 June 2010
In the upcoming Hotmail version, e-mails sent with Hotmail will no longer have an advertisement footer. The update, rolling out from 15 June 2010 onwards, is code-named “Wave 4”, and getting rid of the Hotmail advertisement is part of this new version.

Reminder: Windows Live Events is closing

30 May 2010
As previously announced, the Windows Live Events web service is retiring. After 31 May 2010, you will not be able to access any data stored within Events.