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Windows Live Mail 2009 QFE2: Some bug fixes

24 August 2009 by J.M.

Windows Live MailDid you have some trouble using Windows Live Mail in the past months? Its recently released bugfix version might correct the error that you experienced. According to Roger Benson, Lead Program Manager Windows Live Mail, Version 2009 QFE2 (14.0.8089.726) addresses, among others, the following bugs:

  • Windows Live Mail can now properly import Outlook Express e-mail account settings that were transferred from a Windows XP to a new Vista or Windows 7 system using the Windows Easy Transfer wizard.
  • We addressed a problem some users had with launching Windows Live Mail. In some cases, after you closed Windows Live Mail, the program would appear to close, but the wlmail.exe process would continue to run in the background. That process would prevent Mail from launching the next time you tried to open it.
  • We’ve fixed a problem that occurred in Vista and Windows 7, where Windows Live Mail wouldn’t connect properly to POP e-mail servers using secure socket layers (SSL). This affected some users of Yahoo! Mail, but with the update it is now resolved.

You have installed the new Live Mail version, yet “your” bug still isn’t fixed? Report your issue to the Windows Live Mail team and you will be sure to get a prompt reply.

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