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The easier sign-in screen

9 July 2011
There is no end to the updates for Windows Live published in recent times. The sign-in screen to the Live web services got updated too. It now focuses on single accounts only.

Keep your Windows Live ID safe during the holidays

21 July 2010
While you are abroad, maybe on a holiday trip, it is especially important to keep safe with your Windows Live ID. You might communicate through insecure wireless networks, or from computers with outdated security settings. Protecting your Live ID is essential, as it is your access key to Messenger, Hotmail and all other Windows Live services.

Messenger Problems: Resolving error 80048820

22 March 2010
Numerous users of Windows Live Messenger are currently experiencing the error code 80048820 when they try to sign in to Messenger.  If you are getting this error as well, the reason might be that you have invalid characters in the first name of your user profile.

How-to: Link 2 Hotmail accounts / Windows Live IDs

14 March 2010
You have more than one Windows Live ID — for example one in the office and one privately? You can link both with each other. If you do that, you can sign in at a Windows Live website like Hotmail once and access information in both accounts.

Facebook Home, reinvented.

7 February 2010
The social network Facebook has rolled out a new home page layout. The top navigation as well as the sidebar and footer have been changed.