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How-to: Change your Windows Live password

7 October 2009 by J.M.

More than 20,000 Windows Live account credentials were published recently. That is why you should change your own password, even if your account was not among them. Here is how to change your password using the Windows Live account center.

  1. Open the Windows Live account center at
  2. If prompted, sign in using your Windows Live ID (e-mail address) and your existing password.
  3. Make especially sure that you are seeing the Extended Validation certificate information (the name “Microsoft Corporation (US)”) in your browser address bar, as well as that the address starts with “”.

    EV certificate in Firefox

  4. After sign-in, you should see the following page:

    Windows Live Account: Change your password

  5. Before typing your new password, again make sure that the connection is encrypted properly. If you are using Internet Explorer, the address bar should look like this:

    Windows Live Account: Website Identification

  6. Enter your current password once, and your desired new password twice. While you type, watch the password strength indicator. The greener it is, the safer is your password. Wondering how to create a strong password? I will talk about this topic in an upcoming post.
  7. To get reminded every 72 days to change your password, check the corresponding check box.
  8. Finally, click Save, and don’t forget to sign out properly so nobody can take over your account.
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