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Tag: Windows Live Id

The easier sign-in screen

9 July 2011
There is no end to the updates for Windows Live published in recent times. The sign-in screen to the Live web services got updated too. It now focuses on single accounts only.

The 2010 Summary, Part I

27 December 2010
Once again, a year is over — for me, 2010 was very interesting. Much has happened, including unforeseen events. Come with me on a timeline journey and let’s think back to the most interesting events in 2010!

How-to: Link 2 Hotmail accounts / Windows Live IDs

14 March 2010
You have more than one Windows Live ID — for example one in the office and one privately? You can link both with each other. If you do that, you can sign in at a Windows Live website like Hotmail once and access information in both accounts.