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Tag: Internet Explorer

How-to: Delete browsing data faster

28 March 2011
To delete browsing data, Internet Explorer requires you to click some menus to find the feature. But there is a not so well-known keyboard shortcut that opens the cleanup window quickly.

IE9 planned for mid-March 2011

19 February 2011
Internet Explorer 9 is nearing completion. The IE team announced a big event for 14 March, 2011, celebrating the “beauty of the web.” This is what an invitation in the official Exploring IE blog says.

Test your website in different browsers - with ease

19 January 2011
You are running your own blog or web site? You will surely be aware of the problem that your site is not displaying the same way in all browsers, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and the likes. You can get help — from the free “Browser Lab” service by Adobe.

How-to: Reset IE browser settings

10 November 2010
If Internet Explorer crashes often or gets painfully slow, resetting its settings may help. Resetting IE deletes all personal settings and restores the browser to the state right after installation.

Internet Explorer 9: Public beta started

15 September 2010
As promised and much anticipated, Microsoft has started the beta phase for Internet Explorer 9 during their Beauty of the Web special event.

New Facebook Chat version will cut off IE6

26 August 2010
From 15 September onwards, the social network Facebook is cutting off users still browsing the platform with the outdated Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 browser. The reason is that a new chat system is introduced.

15 September: IE9 Beta Day

13 August 2010
The first Internet Explorer 9 beta will launch on September 15, 2010. This is what Microsoft announced in the official Internet Explorer blog. Invitations for a special event have been sent out to a selected group of web publishers, bloggers, designers and magazine editors.