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Tag: Microsoft

Microsoft is touching the Surface

19 June 2012
In an all-secret press event at the Milk Studios in L.A. today (18 June 2012), Microsoft has revealed a new tablet computer. Specifically designed for Windows 8, this tablet runs on either the ARM or the Intel platform. Here’s a first glance at the new hardware.

Skype removes Google integration

19 October 2011
Along with announcing the successfully closed deal between Skype and Microsoft, an update for the popular software has been published. It includes minor changes that show Microsoft’s influence on Skype.

Skype and Microsoft: The deal is done

17 October 2011
Skype and Microsoft now announced that their deal has now been completed. Valued some $8.5 billion USD, Skype is making Microsoft one of the leading providers for Voice-over-IP phone services.

Thanks for being great folks, MVPs!

30 June 2011
For the past 12 months, I have been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the Windows Live expertise. It was a thrilling year!

No new devices for Zune. The End?

14 March 2011
After more than one month of speculation about the future of Microsoft’s music player brand Zune, these are going to come to an end. There will be no new players or hardware developments for Zune anymore.

Is Zune’s future in danger?

20 February 2011
When Microsoft announced the strategic partnership with Nokia last week, they also talked about the brands that both companies are going to share. It was remarkable that Zune is not one of them.

Internet Explorer 9 RC now via Windows Update

16 February 2011
Microsoft has started to deliver the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 via the Automatic Updates feature in Windows 7 and Windows Vista in order to update the Beta.

New Office 15 app planned?

16 February 2011
For Office 15, Microsoft is going to include new or additional applications into the Office suite. This is what a recent Microsoft business meeting has confirmed.