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Tag: Security

Security Essentials detects Chrome as malware

2 October 2011
Microsoft has published a signature update for several security tools. It fixes an erroneous patch causing Google’s Chrome web browser being falsely detected as part of the PWS:Win32/Zbot trojan horse, also known as Zeus.

New Hotmail phishing

20 June 2011
New phishing attacks to Hotmail have recently occured. This is what the security company Trend Micro is reporting.

7 Golden Rules for Instant Messaging

19 December 2010
When I read about hyperlinks being blocked in Messenger 2009 the other day, I just thought: Well, this would not have been necessary if more chat users would watch out and use common sense while talking with others over the Web. This week, the antivirus company ESET published 7 golden rules for instant messaging.

Security Essentials 2.0 releasing tomorrow

16 December 2010
It appears that Microsoft is going to release the final version of its free security solution Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 on December 17, 2010. The update brings a set of new features that aim at protecting your computer even better.

Internet Explorer 9: Watch out for the fake update

15 November 2010
Fake security updates for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 3 are currently spreading as malware on the web. The malware programmers use spam e-mails to spread their work. What you would really install upon downloading these “updates” is a trojan horse.

Adding security to Hotmail

29 September 2010
With two new features, Hotmail users can access their accounts better in case they have been compromised by criminals. That is what the Windows Live team has announced in the Inside Windows Live blog.

Hotmail gradually switches to new Wave 4 version

17 June 2010
Users of Windows Live Hotmail should prepare for a change in the coming weeks. As announced, the new version of Hotmail will be available for some 370 million users worldwide gradually.