Hotmail gradually switches to new Wave 4 version

Windows Live Hotmail

Users of Windows Live Hotmail should prepare for a change in the coming weeks. As announced, the new version of Hotmail will be available for some 370 million users worldwide gradually. Then, Hotmail awaits you with numerous news: Microsoft has improved the spam filter and watches how you interact with your mail. With filters, you can find mails with attachments, images or videos faster.

For sending big photo albums, Hotmail will offer SkyDrive Web storage and integrating preview thumbnails into the messages. The recipient can then download the photos. With this, you can send up to 200 photos, each one up to 50 MB, per e-mail. Microsoft is also making it easier to use the own, proprietary formats. Office documents attached to an e-mail can be viewed on PC and Mac without installing the corresponding Office application or a viewer.

Microsoft has also improved the security: Each user can use single-use codes for signing in. This allows you to sign in at public computers, for example in an Internet café, without having to enter your login credentials. Your complete Hotmail session is SSL-encrypted, not just during the login phase.