Windows Live for Developers — get ready for Messenger Connect

On the road of moving blogs… There is apparently much to move these days. The Live Services blog is the next one to join the blogs at

Live Services Blog

Kevin Medley, keeping content at, announced:

We’re about to get busy again. To gear up for our upcoming new releases, we’re moving over to join our brother and sister blogs at So, this blog on is going to be retired.

Angus LoganWindows Live for Developers is the new name of the blog. Angus Logan, Senior Technical Product Manager for Messenger Connect, tells us a bit about the focus of this new blog. He says:

As we lead up to the launch of Messenger Connect, I want to start a conversation with app developers and marketers. We are consolidating a few of our Windows Live developer related blogs into one place… here!

We will keep you updated on the new tech linking Messenger to your social networks — and if you’re a webmaster, to your own site too! Messenger Connect is about to launch, and we’re looking forward to it.