Reminder: Windows Live Spaces is closing soon

Please keep in mind that the blogging service Windows Live Spaces is closing on March 16, 2011. This affects all existing spaces and their contents.

After the closing date, you will not be able to browse nor open any of the existing spaces anymore. If you had a Windows Live Space, you cannot access its contents after this date.

You want to backup your data? Remember that until March 16, you can still make use of the Windows Live + partnership and transfer all your Spaces content to a fresh blog. Find transfer instructions at Windows Live.

Of course it is also possible to download the contents from Windows Live Spaces, and it is as easy as transferring it.

What you can expect by moving to

All of your posts, comments, and links will transfer, and you will have the option to share your blogging updates with your Messenger friends.

On, you’ll get tools to help you track how your blog is doing and who’s visiting. You’ll get tagging that enables people to find you, and for you to find like-minded people. It includes great blog comment functionality, and trackback spam prevention to help keep your experience clean. Check out more.

Thanks for using Windows Live and we hope you enjoy the new blogging experience.


The Windows Live team