Update to Windows Live Wave 3 soon forced

Back in May 2010, the Windows Live team published an update for Windows Live Essentials 2009 (Wave 3). It introduced stability fixes as well as a simplification of the webcam feature. Back then, the discussion about this changed feature was immense.

Windows Live Essentials

Until now, this Wave 3 update (build number 14.0.8117) was optional. This is going to change soon: The update will be forced on all users of Windows Live Essentials 2009. Piero Sierra, the Group Program Manager for Windows Live, announced:

This Messenger update simplifies how you start a video call from within Messenger pre-2011. Rather than individually managing your and your friend’s webcam feeds and audio, you can now start a video call just by clicking the “Video” button in the conversation window or by clicking the webcam icon. Also, you can more easily make video calls to your friends who do not have webcams, controlling the audio for both you and your friend by clicking the speaker and microphone icons.

This minor update is going live within the next week and rolls out in 48 languages. It does not force you to install Windows Live Essentials 2011 however.


  1. *obscene gesture* Force this, new windows live messenger version. For those of you that are interested, this version isn’t as ‘forced’ as they’d like you to believe. If you run the program in compatibility mode, you can still run older versions. I for one, would sooner QUIT using windows live messenger than update to the garbage that is 2011.

  2. I have made a step-by-step guide to help people get back their individual webcams and an easy way to stop Windows Live MSN from auto updating so you can keep the old version. Guide is made by me. Spread it!

  3. Jimmy92!

    I can’t find how to comment on your post on pastebin (I don’t think that site is even designed for you to be able to comment on people’s pastings)

    So here is my message:

    Dear Jimmy92.

    I am very pleased to see someone find a solution to this.

    Unfortunately, this doesnt work for me.

    The bit where I have the error is right at the end. When I click to save the script edit. It tells me I cannot create that file for it already exists (msnmsgr.exe).

    I’ve got this saved as a bookmark, but if you’d like to email me with regards to my enquiry:

  4. Hey there EMT.

    I’m glad everything has worked so far up until this problem.

    When you were in the program to edit “msnmsgr.exe” did you happen to click Complile Script before clicking save?

    (If you would prefer to talk through email just ask)

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