Soon it gets easier to delete Flash cookies

When website operators want to recognize a visitor, they store a small text file on your hard disk. This so-called cookie contains encrypted information and gets sent back to the website upon each subsequent visit. So, the website remembers that you have already been there before. However, cookies can also get abused to create profiles. This is why all modern browsers offer the feature to reject or delete cookies. For cookies created by the Adobe Flash browser plug-in, this was not possible before — many privacy advocates complained.

Now Adobe has announced to extend its Flash player so users can control and delete Flash cookies. To achieve this goal, Adobe cooperates with all important browser creators. The first browser to support this will be Google Chrome in some weeks. That’s definitely a step in the right direction and was long-needed. You could also say: Quite late. Just now, at the time that Flash gets questioned more and more, Adobe thinks they’re capable to solve this necessary need. Sadly.