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Tag: Twitter

140 characters that change the world

11 November 2011
140 characters—that seems to be quite a limit for publishing a story. Yet, Twitter has changed how people communicate. Twitter Stories is a fine example for just that.

Twitter will be reconnected to Windows Live

4 July 2011
The micro-blogging service Twitter will make its comeback to Windows Live within 2011. This is what the developer beta for Windows Phone Codename “Mango” indicates.

Twitter is launching their own photo service

31 May 2011
The micro-blogging platform Twitter is going to launch their own photo sharing service. The new service is going to compete with the existing TwitPic and Yfrog services that have established over the recent years.

Egypt is back on the Web

3 February 2011
After five days, Egypt is partially back online: According to multiple sources, Web access works in the capital Cairo as well as in Alexandria. Obviously, Twitter and social networks are still blocked and can only be used with workarounds.

Unveiling’s new logo

16 December 2010
This has been a year full of new logos. We have seen updated logos for Hotmail, Messenger, all the Essentials applications, and more sites and apps this year. Lastly, I’m also unveiling the new logo for

Twitter is forced to enhance data privacy

26 June 2010
After investigation of several incidents, the U.S. trade authority FTC is forcing the micro-blogging service Twitter to apply better security standards.

World Cup puts serious load on Twitter

20 June 2010
Recently the popular social network Twitter has technical problems in their systems. Twitter has seen the need to implement updates in order to be able to cope successfully with the recently increased load.

This Week’s Thoughts: Disconnecting from Social Networks

12 February 2010
More and more people register with social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more. Registering is really easy – but if you want to unregister afterwards, that can get complicated. It is not that simple to say good-bye to the social networks.

ICQ 7 Integrates Social Networks

20 January 2010
ICQ has released version 7 of its messenger client for Windows. The combination of Instant Messaging and Social Networking results in “Social Messaging,” ICQ stated.