Hotmail keyboard shortcuts: the full list

Learn how to perform keyboard acrobatics with Windows Live Hotmail. Speed up the way you work and mail.

Many things on your computer can be performed much quicker using keyboard shortcuts. From simple stuff like pressing the Windows key to open the Start menu, to more complicated things like the well-known emergency shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Delete—shortcuts are fast and easy. Make use of keyboard shortcuts in Windows Live Hotmail, too!

Hotmail keyboard shortcut settings

Here is the complete list of keyboard shortcuts to use within the Windows Live Hotmail web app:

To do this Press this
Delete a message Delete
Create a new message Ctrl+N
Send a message Ctrl+Enter
Open a message Ctrl+Shift+O
Print a message Ctrl+Shift+P
Reply to a message Ctrl+R
Reply all to a message Ctrl+Shift+R
Forward a message Ctrl+Shift+F
Save a draft message Ctrl+S
Flag a message for follow up L
Mark a message as junk Ctrl+Shift+J
Mark a message as read Ctrl+Q
Mark a message as unread Ctrl+U
Move to a folder Ctrl+Shift+V
Open the next message Ctrl+.
Open the previous message Ctrl+,
Close a message Esc
Search your email messages /
Check spelling F7
Select all S then A
Deselect all S then N
Go to the inbox F then I
Go to your Drafts folder F then D
Go to your Sent folder F then S