Making e-mail interactive with Hotmail’s Active Views

Hotmail Active Views

Together with some partners, Microsoft has introduced the new Hotmail Active Views platform. With this new feature, you can interact with e-mails in a whole new way to do certain tasks right within your Hotmail inbox. Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager for Hotmail, elaborates:

Starting this week, Orbitz and will be the first partners to pilot this new type of email message for some of their communications. Just booked travel and need a hotel? The new Active View email from Orbitz lets you get started without delay. Want to find a new job?’s new email helps you quickly take the first step.

In the coming weeks, the Hotmail team is going to present more partners for the pilot program, among them the web video service Netflix as well as the business networking portal LinkedIn. Hotmail Active View is based on the sandboxed execution of JavaScript and will make new interaction possibilities for e-mails available to you. For example, e-mail contents can now be updated dynamically.