Ribbon UI e Windows Live Writer

Ribbon è dovunque. Originariamente fu introdotto come un nuovo modo di usare l’Interfaccia Utente in Office 2007, oggi lo vedo nei strumenti utente di Windows, come Wordpad e Paint, così come in tutte le applicazioni Office, naturalmente. Windows 7 ha fatto un grande passo nell’implementare lo Scenic Ribbon UI Framework

Ribbon-Oberfläche in Windows Live Writer

Ribbons sind überall. Ursprünglich in Office 2007 eingeführt als neuer Weg, auf Benutzeroberflächen zuzugreifen, sehe ich sie heute in Windows-Werkzeugen wie Wordpad oder Paint, und natürlich auch in allen Office-Anwendungen. Windows 7 hat das zugrunde liegende Scenic Ribbon UI Framework gefördert, und laut den letzten Neuigkeiten wird es sogar für

Ribbon UI and Windows Live Writer

Ribbon is everywhere. Originally introduced as new way of using User Interfaces in Office 2007, today I see it in Windows user tools, such as Wordpad and Paint, as well as all the Office applications, of course. Windows 7 has made a big move in implementing the underlying Scenic Ribbon

Messenger problems: Configuring your firewall

A lot of connection problems of all kinds will raise if you are using a firewall that does not allow Windows Live Messenger to connect to the MSN servers. Here are some key tips on which communication needs to be allowed and white-listed so that Messenger can sign in properly.