How-to get your webcam working again in Messenger

You have a webcam, connect it to your computer, but Messenger doesn’t recognize it? There are several tips you might try out. Restart Messenger. The camera might appear now. Doesn’t work? Restart Windows, having the webcam plugged in (if external). Is the cable connected correctly? Look in “My Computer” (Windows

New IM networks for Windows Live

In an internal message to developers, the Windows Live team has announced the long-awaited integration of several instant messaging networks to work together with Windows Live. Among these networks to be added are ICQ and Skype as well as AIM, Facebook Chat and Google Talk. “We are currently aiming to

Internet Explorer 8 released

After some two years of development, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Final, wanting to get their hands back on the market percents lost to other browsers in the recent years. The strategy is adding some new functions and reinventing the existing IE functionality. Internet Explorer 8 has been released

Windows Vista SP2 RC now publicly available

Service Pack 2 Release Candidate is now available for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. There is a 32-bit standalone installer (388 MB), as well as a 64-bit installer (614 MB). Contained languages are English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish. The additional ISO image contains all versions of Service Pack

Updated: Messenger Aero Switcher for Build 8064

After Windows Live Messenger 2009 has been updated to Build 8064 some days ago, here’s my update for Messenger Aero Switcher, allowing you to disable the Windows Vista Aero frame for Messenger only. Free download: Messenger Aero Switcher for Windows Live Messenger 2009 Final / 14.0.8064.0206 (165 kB) As usual,

Windows XP geht in Erweiterte Supportphase über

Ab 14. April 2009 wird der Mainstream-Support für Windows XP, inklusive aller Editionen, von Microsoft eingestellt. Danach werden nur noch kritische Fehler in Windows XP behoben. Viele Privatanwender als auch Firmen lieben Windows XP so sehr, dass sie noch nicht einmal darüber nachdenken, auf Windows Vista umzusteigen. Jedoch wird der

Windows XP enters Extended Support Period

From April 14, 2009, onwards, Microsoft is retiring the Mainstream Support for Windows XP, covering all editions. Afterward, only critical bugs in Windows XP will be fixed. Many private people as well as companies love Windows XP so much that they don’t even think about changing to Windows Vista. However,

Aero für Windows Live Messenger 2009 deaktivieren

Hast du dich jemals gewundert, dass Messenger 2009 Windows Aero-Fensterrahmen nutzt? Du möchtest wieder den Original-Messenger-Fensterrahmen zurückhaben, doch Aero nicht komplett in Windows abschalten? Die Lösung ist: Nutze den Messenger Aero Switcher. Um diesen zu verwenden, solltest du Windows Vista mit eingeschaltetem Aero nutzen, und die neueste Messengerversion (Windows Live