Windows Vista SP2 RC now publicly available

Service Pack 2 Release Candidate is now available for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. There is a 32-bit standalone installer (388 MB), as well as a 64-bit installer (614 MB). Contained languages are English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish. The additional ISO image contains all versions of Service Pack 2 RC.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Release Candidate has the build string 6002.16670.090130-1715. This service pack follows the tradition of bundling all updates and hotfixes that have been published since Vista was published; and some new functions are added, as well as support for new standards.

Improvements in Windows Vista Service Pack 2

  • Support for Bluebooth 2.1
  • Possibility of burning Blu Ray media
  • Integration of Windows Connect Now
  • exFAT File system supports UTC timestamps
  • Support for VIA 64-bit processors
  • Enhanced application compatibility
  • Patch against WLAN issues after stand-by
  • Integration of Windows Search 4.0
  • Improved RSS gadget
  • Enhanced code for less crashes
  • Service Pack Clean up tool
  • More understandable / more useful error messages

The Service Pack RC is the last beta before the Final is released, already in April, according to some rumors.

Free Downloads:
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC 32-bit (388 MB)
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC 64-bit (614 MB)
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC ISO (1.2 GB)

Additional information is available on the Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta Customer Preview Program (CPP) pages on Microsoft TechNet.

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