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Tag: Support

Support for Office XP ends

18 May 2011
After more than ten years, Microsoft is ending the Office XP support in July 2011. From this time on, no new patches—including security patches—for the software will be provided. This is part of the normal software life cycle, offering five years of Mainstream Support followed by five more years of Extended Support. Microsoft helps you to switch to the current program version, Office 2010, with several measures.

iPhone users really want to get Adobe Flash

11 February 2010
For years, Apple has been prohibiting the Flash technology on iPhone, iPod touch and lately on iPad too. However, user interest is quite high, according to current statistics by Adobe.

Windows 7 is out. What now?

23 October 2009
Windows 7 is generally available since yesterday. Never have the expectations for a new operating system been as high as this time, as we as end users have never been integrated into finding ideas for a new Windows, like we have this time. On top of that, Windows Vista has moved to the storage siding and is called a big flop by some people. Surely expectations climb up then - can Windows 7 embrace them?