Upcoming project releases at mynetx Creations

I thought it was about time to let you know what I am currently working on. While you can find the complete list at the Projects page, here is a summary of the most interesting bits.


A Messenger Plus! script for sending/receiving programming codes formatted instead of plain-text.


Allows to display your current Messenger status on a website or forum signature. Several people have notified us of permanent error messages like “Failed to validate download signature,” and the next update will fix this. Also stay tuned for the next server release, which will introduce Messenger Plus! format codes parsing and correct emoticons placing on the images.

Plus! VRT Radiospeler

If you are living in Belgium, this is going to be interesting for you: listen not only to all radio programs broadcast by the VRT, as the upcoming update adds on-demand stations for even more radio fun in Messenger. Get more info about this from Bram Lancsweert.

Skinning work

I am currently working on updates for 3 Messenger skins, including Apple Live Messenger, stormless Messenger and Plus!Patch. Pending any surfacing news about the next version of Messenger, I will release these updates as soon as I finished coding support for Messenger 2009.


Everybody knows Twitter these days, and I have plans to add OAuth support to the next version of Twitter2PSM. What should I add as well? Leave a comment or tweet and we’ll see.

Oh, before I forget: I will change the script name, but am too lazy to think of a new name. The easier way: I ask you! Think about a new, unique name for Twitter2PSM (that does not include the word “Twitter”). If I take the name you suggested, you win $10 USD!

I don’t want to mention too much in beforehand, but: I will create a corporate site for mynetx Creations. The URL will not redirect to anymore, but there will be a prominent link to it instead. The site contents? Well, that’s a surprise! 🙂

Oh, and my secret drawer…

Yes, I have some stuffs in my secret drawer too. When I pull them out, I will tell you. I also started cooperations with some very cool sites, but it’s just too early to talk about those.

Questions? Suggestions? Begging? Tips?

Leave a reply, tweet me, poke me, ping me, contact me however you like to!