Rest in peace, Steve.

Steve Jobs has died. One of the most prominent personalities in computer technology, this charismatic visioneer has contributed so much to the world we know today.

iPad launches in Europe

Since yesterday, you can buy it in Germany and several other European countries: the iPad. Apple succeeds in making true what other manufacturers can only dream of: People flood stores and order a device for several hundred Euros—without knowing what the device can do.

Showcasing Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

Last week only, Microsoft announced the introduction of Windows Live Messenger for Apple’s iPhone. Now, the new application was demonstrated for the first time in a video.

This Week’s Thoughts: Choose your favorite browser

Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer—everybody may and must decide which program to use for surfing. Professionals are glad, for newbies this can be messy. What now, which program to pick? Let’s talk about the backgrounds—and get some tips.

Upcoming project releases at mynetx Creations

I thought it was about time to let you know what I am currently working on. While you can find the complete list at the Projects page, here is a summary of the most interesting bits. MPLCode A Messenger Plus! script for sending/receiving programming codes formatted instead of plain-text. WLMStatus

So geht’s: Unterwegs sicher bleiben im Internet

Wenn es nur um deinen eigenen Computer geht, ist alles normalerweise nicht ganz so tragisch. Doch wenn du nicht zuhause bist, zum Beispiel wenn du das Internet bei einem Freund, in der Schule oder in der Bücherei nutzt, solltest du dir schon Gedanken über SIcherheit und die Privatsphäre deiner Daten