Bing is coming to Opera

Bing has made an agreement with Opera: Bing is going to be one of the predefined search engines. This has already been integrated in the recently released Beta version.

Microsoft-EU Browser Ballott: What do you think?

According to an agreement with the European Commission, Microsoft will give all Windows users in Europe the possibility to choose their favorite browser. From 17 March onwards, an update is delivered showing a ballott screen listing a number of browsers. On an exclusively created website, Microsoft presents all browsers installable for European Windows users. Even exotic browsers have managed to get on the list.

Browser Ballott: Microsoft and EU Might Come to Agreement

A contract to choose a default browser for Windows might be probable—revealed the financial news agency, Bloomberg in a report. “We’ve concluded our discussions with Microsoft,” Phillip Lowe, director general of the commission’s competition department, said in an interview at Brussels yesterday.

100 phishers charged in largest cybercrime case

After investigating 53 people in the United Status and 47 more people worldwide for 2 years, the FBI has charged them in a large phishing case in the U.S. and Egypt.  According to the FBI, the U.S.-Egypt phishing operation collected personal information from thousands of victims and used that information

Upcoming project releases at mynetx Creations

I thought it was about time to let you know what I am currently working on. While you can find the complete list at the Projects page, here is a summary of the most interesting bits. MPLCode A Messenger Plus! script for sending/receiving programming codes formatted instead of plain-text. WLMStatus

Il mio browser è un cattivo ragazzo :(

“Windows Live è stato progettato per te, ma forse non per il tuo browser.” Questo è quello che ho visto sul mio schermo quando ho aperto Windows Live Calendar con Google Chrome. L’avviso mi dice di usare Internet Explorer 6 maggiori, Safari 3 o maggiore, oppure Firefox 2 o maggiore,