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Tag: Opera

Bing is coming to Opera

20 June 2010
Bing has made an agreement with Opera: Bing is going to be one of the predefined search engines. This has already been integrated in the recently released Beta version.

This Week’s Thoughts: Choose your favorite browser

12 March 2010
Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer—everybody may and must decide which program to use for surfing. Professionals are glad, for newbies this can be messy. What now, which program to pick? Let’s talk about the backgrounds—and get some tips.

Microsoft-EU Browser Ballott: What do you think?

24 February 2010
According to an agreement with the European Commission, Microsoft will give all Windows users in Europe the possibility to choose their favorite browser. From 17 March onwards, an update is delivered showing a ballott screen listing a number of browsers. On an exclusively created website, Microsoft presents all browsers installable for European Windows users. Even exotic browsers have managed to get on the list.

EU Settles Web Browser Arguement With Microsoft

16 December 2009
According to a Press release, the EU Commission approved Microsoft’s proposal to facilitate downloading alternative browsers in a Ballot Screen. Today, the Brussels Commission affirmed the Software Giant’s pledges to be mandatory and thus reconciled a cartel proceeding.

Browser Ballott: Microsoft and EU Might Come to Agreement

4 December 2009
A contract to choose a default browser for Windows might be probable—revealed the financial news agency, Bloomberg in a report. “We’ve concluded our discussions with Microsoft,” Phillip Lowe, director general of the commission’s competition department, said in an interview at Brussels yesterday.

Windows 7 is out. What now?

23 October 2009
Windows 7 is generally available since yesterday. Never have the expectations for a new operating system been as high as this time, as we as end users have never been integrated into finding ideas for a new Windows, like we have this time. On top of that, Windows Vista has moved to the storage siding and is called a big flop by some people. Surely expectations climb up then - can Windows 7 embrace them?