Browser Ballott: Microsoft and EU Might Come to Agreement

A contract to choose a default browser for Windows might be probable—revealed the financial news agency, Bloomberg in a report. “We’ve concluded our discussions with Microsoft,” Phillip Lowe, director general of the commission’s competition department, said in an interview at Brussels yesterday.

After Microsoft had yielded forth a Ballot screen proposal a couple of weeks ago, Opera criticised it. Therefore, the software giant decided to amend its proposal with respect to Opera’s criticism. Thus, Microsoft may settle the dispute by showing the results on December 15.

In October, the EU Commission almost accepted Microsoft’s Ballot screen proposal, where it would present the user with the five most-used web browsers. Microsoft planned to test it thoroughly before releasing it to the public.

Opera desired that the selection window be displayed with no Microsoft branding, but a neutral background, as well as for the browsers be arranged randomly. Furthermore, users are to be asked regularly about the relevance of the Ballot screen.