Cloud computing and the environment

Go green Being environmentally friendly, also known as “going green,” is very common, with more people getting the idea to save energy and resources. This might include shutting your computer down at nights vs. just using its stand-by mode; it might also include switching off devices when you don’t need them; but going green can also be a matter of selecting the proper energy options so your notebook does not consume more power than it has to.

Now, compare this idea to the second popular idea: Cloud computing. Cloud computing is using multiple servers for accessing your data anywhere and anytime you need them. However, serving your files and data on many parallel locations requires much energy, as many servers need to be powered. For example, Windows Live SkyDrive is a cloud service—you don’t need to know which of the servers in Microsoft’s data center is actually holding your data and where they are located. They are just there when you need them.

Is the cloud green?