Live Wave 4 wishlist: Collecting ideas

Wave 4.

  • What connections does this phrase bring up for you?
  • What ideas do you get when you hear it?
  • What wishes should, finally, be realized, in Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 (2010)?
  • What have you been missing in Windows Live for ages? And why?

Please tell your opinions, ideas, wishes – everything coming into your mind. The important thing is not just to say “I want this and that”, but also to explain why you want it and how each Windows Live user would benefit from your idea being integrated.

Kent Compton, Product planner Windows Live Essentials, says:

We’re always looking for ideas that impact a wide swath of people and with great frequency. AutoCorrect is one of the greatest features that positively impacts hundreds of millions of users each day that we probably get enough credit for. In fact, I wish that Windows Live Writer (and lots of our other apps) supported AutoCorrect because while I type fast I have an incredible knack for mistyping or misspelling the same words over and over. That’s a feature idea that I’d like to see be implemented in more of the Windows Live Essentials products.

Long story short, we’re listening…

Either write your ideas down here, or send them via e-mail to via the Windows Live Feedback page at
So, the Windows Live Team is looking forward to your ideas!

Update 5 March 2009:

Seems the e-mail address is getting flooded. Here’s what Kent says now:

Updated Post (posted on March 4, 2009):

Several keen observers sent email to me about my newly established livewish email address gently reminding me of an already established communication vehicle to get feedback to the Windows Live team.

The official and preferred feedback mechanism to connect with and give ideas to the Windows Live teams is via:

Mea culpa. The system does a terrific job and I was remiss in not pointing it out in my original post. I still believe in frictionless communication so the email address will still be active but you should only use it as a last resort (e.g. you’re at 30K feet on a non-WiFi connected airplane and just have to get your suggestion queued for us). I simply won’t be able to keep up with the emailed suggestions I’ve been getting so the feedback site is a much better choice.

Its also worth noting, if you need support for any of the Windows Live services, please go to and if you have Hotmail specific questions, go to I’ve mentioned it before but the official Windows Live team blog is

My original post below has been updated in a few places (denoted via the red font). I never anticipated my simple blog post would get picked up so far and wide (I feel like Scoble ). THANK YOU to those of you who have already sent in your suggestions.

Your humble planner,



  1. I kinda miss the sharing folder since it was a quick way to sync folders but i`m waiting for further development of the live mesh witch i think will be much better … I also would love all the things that BüYüCü mentioned . About live mesh i would like it to have options like sincronizing different folders with different windows live services for example the documents folder on my pc with office live and also other folders like pictures i need on my windows live spaces to be syncronized with skydrive and others that i need to backup or need on more pcs with the live desktop but i think it would be just fine if the 2 would be merged and i think that my office live documents should show there also so that skydrive will become my online drive . I`m kida not sure what to say next but more wishes coming 😛

  2. I hate the fact that every time I shut off my computer, that went I start it again the next day I have to put all my information of my e-mail address again on the window live for the e-mail and mesanger even though I have asked it to remember me it is a pain, and I also hate that it goes to a different screen when I sign out and tells me I’m not signed out of facebook when I wasn’t even on it that screen is a pain I wish it would just go to the sym pag like it used to.

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