Ribbon UI and Windows Live Writer

Ribbon is everywhere. Originally introduced as new way of using User Interfaces in Office 2007, today I see it in Windows user tools, such as Wordpad and Paint, as well as all the Office applications, of course. Windows 7 has made a big move in implementing the underlying Scenic Ribbon UI Framework, and according to the latest news, even Windows Vista is going to see an update, bringing this user experience to its small helper tools.

To be honest, I got used to the ribbon system in Word, and in fact it speeds up finding the functionality I am looking for, while offering all features I need and not showing too many UI elements at once. As Windows Live Writer, as part of the Windows Live Essentials, also offers rich text and content editing, shouldn’t the ribbon be introduced to Writer as well? Compare the following two screenshots of Windows Live Movie Maker, and the current Live Writer version.



Thanks to LiveSino for the Movie Maker screenshot.


  1. I have already done a post where I suggested this in my wishlist. See here!2418D1CD90C52C20!4676.entry so you are echoing my thoughts! In fact I would also include some of the other Live Essentials programs in ‘make the UI the ribbon as well! How about Photo Gallery getting the ribbon treatment? They would all use a consistent and user friendly interface then, and anything that makes userbility easier is a step in the right direction in my book! Simplify, simplify simplify!

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