Trackback problems with Windows Live Spaces?

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Ribbon UI e Windows Live Writer

Ribbon è dovunque. Originariamente fu introdotto come un nuovo modo di usare l’Interfaccia Utente in Office 2007, oggi lo vedo nei strumenti utente di Windows, come Wordpad e Paint, così come in tutte le applicazioni Office, naturalmente. Windows 7 ha fatto un grande passo nell’implementare lo Scenic Ribbon UI Framework

Ribbon UI and Windows Live Writer

Ribbon is everywhere. Originally introduced as new way of using User Interfaces in Office 2007, today I see it in Windows user tools, such as Wordpad and Paint, as well as all the Office applications, of course. Windows 7 has made a big move in implementing the underlying Scenic Ribbon

Security Essentials: Wie lang darf ein ‚Schneller Scan‘ dauern?

Da ich in der offiziellen Microsoft Security Essentials-Beta bin, nutze ich diese Antivirus-Lösung in meiner Produktivumgebung. Heute morgen wechselte das Symbol im Infobereich auf Gelb, und die Software benachrichtigte mich, dass längere Zeit kein Systemscan durchgeführt wurde. Security Essentials bot mir an, den Scan sofort durchzuführen, und in Anbetracht dessen,