A first glimpse at macOS 10.15 Catalina

With the start of this year’s Apple developer conference #WWDC19, Apple introduced the new version of the Mac operating system. What’s new, what has changed? We have already taken a closer look.

curl: Resume broken downloads

With the Unix curl command, you can perform basically every web request that might come to your mind. But what can you do if you started a download in the size of a 3-storey wedding cake, and it cancelled at 87%? curl has got you covered.

Welcome back!

From now, you’ll once again find helpful computer tips and insights here. In times of “tl;dr” (too long, didn’t read), you’ll find both targeted, short step-by-step tutorials and longer rants, if you do happen to have some time to read.

Three years later…

Three years ago, I wrote about new instant messaging networks for Windows Live. Back then, this was only meant to be an April Fool’s joke. Yet, what we have right now is just what I had foretold… What’s next?

Skype removes Google integration

Along with announcing the successfully closed deal between Skype and Microsoft, an update for the popular software has been published. It includes minor changes that show Microsoft’s influence on Skype.