Ev0-entually a good Messenger 2009 skin

Will “Willz” Ingles – ever heard? The name, along with his brand “Design Evolved”, stands for polished Messenger skins. This tag surely applies for Will’s newest skin: Ev0 Cuatro (Ev0 4) is now available for download. Free Download: Ev0 Cuatro (1.3 MB) Note: This skin is compatible with Messenger 2009

Dark forces around an intelligent guy?

In its issue of January 29, 2009, The Guardian has published a controversial, even critical essay on Patchou, the creator of Messenger Plus!. I found it worth reading, however decide yourself. The adware altercation Software developer Patchou provokes fierce opinions in cyberspace. His army of fans think he’s a genius;

Microsoft to merge Windows Live and Office Live in Wave 4

Mary-Jo Foley is reporting: One of the bits of news buried amid the Microsoft earnings and layoffs news is an organizational change involving Windows Live and Office Live. Microsoft is merging its Windows Live and Office live properties as part of its next “Wave 4” release, according to sources claiming

Änderungen im Messenger-RC

Falls du dich wunderst welche Änderungen von der letzten Beta zum RC gemacht wurden, hier ist eine Zusammenfassung. Das Design wurde auf Wave 3 aktualisiert. Das Design der Benachrichtigungen wurde geändert. Sie nutzen jetzt Direct3D 9. Die Einträge in Was gibt’s Neues-Feeds sind nun ordentlich verlinkt. Es gibt eine Reihe

Changes in the Windows Live Messenger RC

If you wonder what changed from the last beta to the current release candidate, here is a summary. The design has been updated to the Wave 3 design. The notification design has changed. The new notifications use Direct3D 9. The What’s New feed entries are now linked properly. There is

Windows Live Sync released

The former Windows Live FolderShare has been renamed to Windows Live Sync and released to the public. When I installed the new client, however, I couldn’t find any differences to the old FolderShare, except for the Wave 3 sign-in wizard. The team reports some enhancements in its new Live Sync