Phunk’n 2: The popular skin, reinvented

Multimedia designer and star skinner Will Ingles has released the Messenger 2009 version of his popular skin set Phunk’n.

I had to completely recode the entire skin and re-think certain parts of the skin to suit Messenger 2009. While most of the skin retains the layout from the previous version you will notice some differences in version 2.

The most major one is that fade animations had to be scrapped. Sad to say that they have changed in Messenger 2009 and are extremely restricted. I couldn’t really find a balance between making it work, look right and not lag the skin up.

The custom Messenger Plus! UI has also been scrapped due to the fact that Messenger Plus! Live 5 will be entering development soon and I would rather wait to see what is going to happen with the UI before diving in too deep.

The registry entries that I added in the previous version return in version 2. There are a few new ones such as choosing the size of the extra display picture in the chat window and also the one in the contact list. Toolbar alignment options are also in these entries.

Phunk’n – Infusco

Download: Phunk’n – Infusco 2.0.1 (for Messenger 2009 only)

Phunk’n – Niveus

Download: Phunk’n – Niveus 2.0.1 (for Messenger 2009 only)

What do you think about this skin set?

Source: [Release] Phunk’n 2