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Tag: Search

Google adds preview thumbnails to results

12 November 2010
Since this week, Google has added a new useful feature: On entering a search term, you may discover a small magnifying glass next to each result.

Google: Use encrypted search

2 October 2010
Everything you enter at Google is unencrypted. For encrypting all search terms and receiving encrypted search results, you have to call Google with a special web address.

Doodle fun, Part two

8 September 2010
Right after yesterday's crazy bubbles doodle, Google now lets you type into the main logo. With each keystroke you press, one more letter of the word Google gets colored. What is going on? Google keeps quiet. Yet.

Cryptic Google doodle brings up rumors

7 September 2010
When you visit Google’s home page today, you are welcomed by a really strange logo: A bunch of small circles in Google colors jump over the screen apparently by random before forming the well-known Google logo. According to Google, the doodle is announcing big news.

Windows 7: Search the web directly from your taskbar

20 June 2010
Windows Vista offers you the option to “Search the Internet”, directly above the search box in your start menu. The new Windows 7 does not contain this shortcut anymore, Microsoft has removed it from the start menu. If you like to, you can re-integrate it.

Bing is coming to Opera

20 June 2010
Bing has made an agreement with Opera: Bing is going to be one of the predefined search engines. This has already been integrated in the recently released Beta version.

The new Google

6 May 2010
Did you google yet today? The Web gigant has launched the new search frontend with more than hundred small design improvements.

Yahoo Becomes Default Search Engine in Ubuntu

27 January 2010
The Web company Yahoo! has completed a cooperation agreement with Linux distributor Canonical, supervising the development of Ubuntu.  On new installs, the default search engine will be Yahoo!.

The New Gets Nearer

17 January 2010
A new homepage for is approaching further: The notification that visitors won’t be able to access Bing from this URL soon has been made much clearer.