The New Gets Nearer

A new homepage for is approaching further:  The notification that visitors won’t be able to access Bing from this URL soon has been made much clearer.

When you visited before, you would see the normal Bing homepage with a subtle notification bar added.  It looked like this:

Your access to the Bing homepage from will stop soon.

Now, this notification design has been replaced.  Now you get to see a quite empty page with a central warning message (along with a small Bing search field).

The Bing homepage has moved from to Please make your homepage.

The Bing homepage has moved from to  Please make your homepage.  Remember, when you want to go to Bing, type  Thanks for using Bing!

Along with this, Bing now explains how to change the home page to Bing, individually for each browser:

So we can look forward to Wave 4.  It is coming—soon.

(Thanks to Dennis Ziolkowski for the hint.)