Google Docs Gets Free File Storage

The web office Google Docs will soon allow you to store any kind of files.  Each file can take up to 250MB, and the total available space is 1GB.  Up to now, you could only store Google Docs, PDFs and Picasa photos in Google’s cloud.  Anil Sabharwal, member of the Google Docs Team, announces:

Combined with shared folders in Google Docs, the upload feature is a great way to collaborate on files with coworkers and external parties. Instead of using cumbersome email attachments, you can upload files to a folder and share it with coworkers, who can then access and edit the files from a single place. You can even have your sales team securely share contracts with external clients for review.

The new feature will roll out gradually over the coming weeks.  The uploaded files can be shared on a file or folder level with other users, just like the office documents created with Google Docs.  If you need more space than 1GB, Google will charge yearly $3.50 USD (3.00 EUR) per GB.

In my opinion, the Google Docs storage cannot compete with Windows Live SkyDrive’s 25GB nor with Dropbox’s 2GB.  What does Google eventually plan?