Live Sync to be renamed Live Mesh

Windows Live MeshThe synchronization program Windows Live Sync is going to be renamed to Live Mesh. As part of the Windows Live Essentials suite of applications, Live Sync allows synchronizing folders and files across computers and more devices.

In June, with releasing Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta, Microsoft had merged two similar programs for data sync, namely Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh beta. The result, Windows Live Sync beta, will be called Windows Live Mesh and get released along with the other Live Essentials Wave 4 Final.

The software synchronizes files and folders among different computers and stores data in the web. Furthermore, Microsoft offers SkyDrive web storage for photos and simple collaboration for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents via Office Web Apps.

Since June, the Windows Live team has gathered feedback from some 240,000 users. Concluding the ideas from these users, Live Mesh will soon also synchronize hidden files and be able to generate reports telling you which files are missing in synchronizing folders.

Allison O’Mahony, Principal Program Manager Lead, Devices & Roaming at Windows Live, explains:

We’ve made several performance updates to Windows Live Mesh in response to your requests that will provide noticeable improvements to your experience. We worked on cutting the application load time in half and made syncing large numbers of folders and adding multiple devices to a sync folder faster. We’ve optimized both memory and CPU usage during sync activity as well as decreased CPU consumption by as much as 30% when Windows Live Mesh is idle.

We hope you enjoy these changes and take the time to install the new Windows Live Mesh along with the rest of Windows Live Essentials 2011 once it is released from the beta.