Google Talk now knows AIM users, too

It has always been possible to chat with your AIM buddies directly from Gmail, but you needed your own AOL network account for this feature. You don’t need such anymore — AIM contacts can be added directly.

Stay secure and don’t get phished via Messenger

Some of you have asked Max Messenger whether there is a possibility to display who in your contacts is “online” but has set their status to “Appear offline”. There is no such possibility! Not even using an additional program or via some websites. Those sites claim that it is possible.

How-to: Stay secure while using Messenger

As viruses, backdoors, Trojan horses, even root kits are commonly spread these days, you should pay close attention while using Windows Live Messenger in order to maintain your own and your computer’s safety. Here are some tips that help you to stay secure: Do not click every link you receive.

Windows Live und Du: „Die richtige Plattform schaffen, mit der Websites sich an Windows Live-Nutzer anschließen“ (Angus Logan, Microsoft)

Willkommen zu einem neuen Interview in der Sommerausgabe der Serie „Windows Live und du“! Heute habe ich einen besonderen Gast eingeladen, um mit ihm über seinen persönlichen Bezug zu Windows Live zu sprechen: heißen wir Angus Logan willkommen, Senior Technischer Produktleiter für Live-Dienste bei Microsoft. mynetx: Angus, ich freue mich,