Minor update to Messenger Plus! Live: 4.81.358

A minor update to Messenger Plus! has been released. The update brings one important addition to the application: a new form of sponsor program, courtesy of

  • Thanks to, you now have the option to change your home page and default search options without installing any program on your computer (apart from the uninstaller of Ask which just reverts back your browser’s settings, which you can do yourself if you want).
  • The setup of Messenger Plus! can only ask for one of both options: the sponsor program from Circle Developement, or the home page/search engine changes from Both options, of course, are entirely optional.
  • In the next couple of weeks and months, the home page offered on will be customized and improved with lots of features. This could turn out to be a very cool addition to Messenger Plus! so don’t hesitate to post your comments on the forum!

>> [download id=4 format=2]
>> View the changelog for the full list of changes


  1. I like the new sponsor (alot better then the current one) and has a far better public image but this ‘update’ been here for about 2 weeks already so is not totally new news.

    but look forward to future versions and this sponser type more wide (which new sponsor version was launched initially via the messenger plus live updater)

    1. You’re right Jamie, it’s not totally new news, but I hadn’t written about it yet, and even Patchou announced it only the other day, so… 🙂

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