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Tag: Skype

Skype removes Google integration

19 October 2011
Along with announcing the successfully closed deal between Skype and Microsoft, an update for the popular software has been published. It includes minor changes that show Microsoft’s influence on Skype.

Skype and Microsoft: The deal is done

17 October 2011
Skype and Microsoft now announced that their deal has now been completed. Valued some $8.5 billion USD, Skype is making Microsoft one of the leading providers for Voice-over-IP phone services.

Skype: Hotfix update against login problems

27 May 2011
A new Skype client for Windows users helps with login problems. A Mac OS X version is coming soon, too. With the new hotfix versions, users can spare the manual solution of the recent login problem.

Microsoft buys Skype—but why, after all?

24 May 2011
Microsoft buys Skype—and pays some 8.5 billion dollars for the popular communication service, more than Facebook and Google have bid. At first glance, difficult to understand, as Skype is well-known for their free phone calls. However, they earn money nevertheless.

Facebook and Skype - planning for rendez-vous

29 September 2010
Facebook and Skype are planning for a tight cooperation. For Facebook users, this means that they will be able to call their friends and send SMS to each other. Video chats will be integrated as well.

Skype Chat—An Exemplar For Live Messenger

14 December 2009
Regarding usability, Windows Live Messenger can learn from Skype chat. In the past weeks, I have used Skype chat intensively. There are several features that I miss in Messenger since I started using Skype chat as well. Let’s take a look.