End of life for MSN Web Messenger: 30 June 2009

MSN Web Messenger - Contact list The Windows Live team has announced the end of life for MSN Web Messenger. Since Windows Live now supports instant messaging integrated into both Hotmail and People, there is no need to maintain 2 web messengers at the same time. Additionally, site owners are free to get their own web messenger running, powered by the Windows Live Web Toolkit launched a few months ago.

MSN Web Messenger was started in August 2004 and never updated to match the Windows Live design. With the redesign of MSN in mind, Microsoft is starting to clean up old services, and MSN Web Messenger is one of them, retiring on Tuesday 30 June 2009. The team states:

Instant messaging from Hotmail makes it easier to communicate and share in new ways in comparison to MSN Web Messenger. For example, our integration with the suite of other Windows Live services allows you to see when your Messenger friends are online while reading an e-mail and immediately start a chat to clarify something in your friend’s e-mail message.

Get started with Messenger in Hotmail/People

Note: This works even if you don’t use Hotmail for e-mail, but if have your own e-mail provider.

Messenger in Hotmail

  1. Just browse your Messenger contacts.
  2. At the top right, you see an entry “ Messenger”.
  3. Click it, and choose “Sign in to Messenger (Web)”.
  4. Then click any of your contact’s display pictures and choose “Send an instant message”.
  5. A popup window opens, and you can start your conversation.
    Messenger in Hotmail - Conversation window


  1. I hate this new messenger how do I get the old one back!!!! This one is too complicated and cant preform other things at the same time…Bring the old version back or at least tell me how I get it back on my computer. I can’t even sign in now since I deleated the new version.

  2. Bunu nasıl tekrar eski alabilirim bu yeni haberci nefret ediyorum!! Bu çok karmaşık ve cant preform diğer şeylerin aynı anda … geri eski sürümü getirin ya da en azından bana nasıl geri bilgisayarda olsun. Hatta giriş yok artık beri yeni sürümü deleated.

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