Messenger Plus! Live 4.82 supports Windows 7

Messenger Plus! contest icon Messenger Plus! Live 4.82, one of the last updates to version 4, has been released. It features complete support for the current Windows 7 Release Candidate as well as some other interesting news, like these:

  • The settings of your scripts and skins can now be exported from the preferences panel and re-imported back.
  • The workaround for displaying long chat logs in the Log Viewer for IE8 has been removed, as the bug present in beta versions of IE8 has been fixed in IE8 Final.
  • This release is contest-ready!
    • In this version, you will see a new golden icon in your Messenger toolbar. Those who participated in the contest 2 years ago will probably remember what this is.
    • A “Play and Win” menu has been added in the contact list.
    • The 2009 Contest is not open yet, it will be in about a week from now. Remember to give it a try in July!

Free download: [download id=4]

I will post more details on the contest as soon as they are approved to talk about publicly.