How-to: Display your Twitter status in your Messenger personal message

So with all this social networking and with Windows Live Wave 3 focusing on adding social features, here’s a way to have your latest tweets displaying in your Messenger’s personal message, automatically:

Twitter2PSM – the easy way

Download and import my Messenger Plus! script Twitter2PSM. To use the script, having Messenger Plus! installed is a requirement.

The script will ask you if you want to enable the script for your Windows Live ID. If you choose Yes, you should enter your Twitter username and click “Save >” – that’s it.

The script will start syncing your Twitter status to your personal message automatically.

If you want to customize the appearance of the status message (such as show or hide Twitter replies, the time of your tweet or your Twitter client), open the Scripts menu, and choose “Advanced settings…”. You can also define the time to wait between Twitter status checks.

Twitter2PSM - Settings

Download: Twitter2PSM 1.2.4 (39 KB)

Tell me your opinion. What features are you missing? I’d love to add them for you 🙂 .


  1. Hello. I don’t use twitter, so that program is not so useful for me.

    But you create lot of very good msn plus add-ons. So I wanna be grateful for that.


    Good job. Have a nice day!

  2. It needs to only update the PSM when the twitter status has actually changed. Windows Live Messenger can also update Facebook, so it would be cool if it didn’t actually change the PSM unless the new text was different from the old.

    1. if(Messenger.MyPersonalMessage != strStatus) {
      	Debug.Trace("Status updated: " + strStatus);
      	Messenger.MyPersonalMessage = strStatus;


  3. Thanks for getting on this social integration feature with twitter. I am pleased that i get to experience this added convenience!

  4. Hi,
    This looks very nice, just what I was looking for. I have one question though. Does Live Messenger have to be running to update your status? I ask this because I’m using Nimbuzz, a messenger client that incorporates many messaging networks.

  5. Hello Tobias,

    Yes, Twitter2PSM is a Messenger Plus! script that can only run if Windows Live Messenger is running and signed in.

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