Chat in Messenger within my blog

As you may have seen, my blog is using a new Windows Live service, enabling you to chat with your contacts in real-time! If you haven’t noticed it yet, just look at the bottom of the mynetx – Windows Live Enhanced homepage. What you see there is the new Windows Live Messenger Web Bar, part of the Web Toolkit, released on the annual Web Conference MIX 09. Click the “IM here” link to open a popup window and sign in to Messenger. Your contacts will appear in the bar as well as your conversations.

If you’re already signed in to Messenger on your PC client, don’t worry: The Web Bar supports MPOP (Multiple Points of Presence). That means that your conversations and your status details will roam to all clients that are signed in. Thus, you can start a conversation in Messenger, and continue it in the Web Bar and vice-versa!

Expect a series on the new Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit within the next few weeks – on how to use it, as well as on how to add it to your own website or blog… stay tuned.

Tell me what you think of this new feature.