Live Wave 3: the next round will start soon (UPDATE)

As various hints indicate, the phase 3 of the Windows Live Services Wave 3 update will start between December 5th and December 12th, 2008.

Update: Numerous sources confirm that the Web Services (not the Clients) will roll out from December 1st until December 8th, 2008.

What does this Wave 3 phase 3 feature?

  • Applications (“Windows Live Essentials”): Full release
  • Services: All released, except Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Calendar
  • Other releases

    • Availability of
      • Windows Live Home
      • Common Wave 3 header
      • 3rd party feeds integration
      • Windows Live™ Toolbar released
    • Mobile release:
      • Home
      • Windows Live™ Photos
      • Windows Live™ Profile
      • Windows Live™ People
      • Hotmail
      • SMS updates
  • Social networking releases

    • Windows Live Writer release
    • People page released
    • Profile page released
    • Update to
      • Windows Live Groups
      • Windows Live Events
      • Windows Live Spaces
  • Photos releases

    • Photos site launched
    • Photo Gallery full release
    • Windows Live™ Movie Maker Beta
  • Messenger releases

    • Full release:
      • Messenger new look and feel
      • What’s new feed integrated into Messenger
  • Hotmail releases

    • WebIM: Chat with your Messenger contacts from within Live Hotmail
    • What’s new feed integrated into Hotmail
    • “Instant Access” pane in US and UK

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