Instant update for SkyDrive

The Windows Live team has published an instant update for the web file storage Windows Live SkyDrive. Modern browsers and HTML5 make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos.

This Week’s Thoughts: Hidden data

Many people send texts, spreadsheets, photos and videos—while not knowing that they contain much information that other people can discover with ease and that might be indiscreet. Who has collaborated on the text? How often has it been revised? What camera and aperture has been used to take the photo?

How-to: Customize your Windows Live Home

Did you know that you can customize the layout on your Windows Live Home page according to your personal wishes? Here is how to: Open and click on Options, then Customize this page. To change the order, choose the element to move by clicking it in the Page layout

Windows Live Events stops accepting new events

As mentioned in an earlier post, Windows Live Events is entering its first retiring phase today. This means that from today on, you will not be able to create new events. Existing events can be exported until 2010. The Windows Live team says: Starting in early September, 2009, you won’t